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Average Home Security System Cost

Home security systems are something every home should have regardless of where you live. Home security offers homeowners the peace of mind that their home is safe from intruders, whether they are home or not. Below in this comprehensive guide to home security systems, you will learn how to save money using them and the...
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3G/4G Sunset

Does your home or business security system operate via a third-generation (3G) or fourth-generation (4G) network? The time to upgrade this nearly obsolete technology is rapidly approaching. Due to the rapid increase in the demands on their wireless services, all the leading cell phone service providers are seeking ways to free up more bandwidth. As...
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Wireless versus Wired Security Cameras

Wireless security systems are gaining traction for businesses around the world. While many security systems were connected by wires in the past, they are being replaced by wireless solutions. Why? Wireless security camera systems have been recognized to be more flexible, secure, efficient and easier to install by recent news. So, is it worth the switch...
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