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Keep your building safe, protect your employees and respond quickly to an emergency with a security system designed to match your building. At Knight Security Systems, we design and install custom security and fire alarm systems for businesses, city buildings and other public structures you can use to help protect people and property from multiple risks.

Commercial Security Systems and Fire Alarms With Advanced Remote Access

Knight Protect provides a wide array of commercial security systems made with the highest quality components that will keep your business interests safe.

property-management security systems

Property Management Security Systems

Whether residential or commercial, Knight Security offers a wide range of services for your construction project, including fire systems, security systems, access control, and CCTV. We have decades of experience designing and installing commercial security systems in NYC, and we can incorporate our solutions into any structural design. We will meet with you, your architects and your builders during the design phase and develop a custom solution for the seamless integration of your security system into the final build.

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retail Security Systems small business Security Systems

Retail and Small Business Security Systems

The two biggest problems retail businesses have in common are employee theft and shoplifting. Our commercial alarm systems will help you combat these losses and give you advanced tools to better manage your business. At Knight Security Systems, we offer more than other retail security companies in New York. We install custom commercial security systems that you can control from your phone or computer for real-time access to your cameras, door locks and other smart features.

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construction Security Systems

Construction Security Systems

We have experience with all facets of commercial and institutional construction. Site superintendents won't have to babysit our technicians because, unlike other commercial fire alarm companies, we attend weekly builder meetings to ensure that the installation goes smoothly. If the build changes halfway through the project and you need to adjust your system's configuration, or you would like to add extra features to your design, we can easily accommodate your needs.

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municipalities Security Systems

Local and State Municipality Security Systems

We have extensive experience in designing custom solutions for police departments, city governments, school districts, military bases, and incarceration and mental health facilities. We know how important it is to deliver your completed system on time and within budget. With over 60 years of continued service, we know all the codes and permits necessary to ensure our commercial security systems for NYC and CT businesses meet your specifications and all applicable regulations.

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auto dealership Security Systems

Auto Dealership Security Systems

One damaged vehicle or a single employee mistake in the Automotive Industry could translate into thousands of dollars of lost revenue and significant liability risks. Whether for your service area, showroom, lot or office area, our business security systems deliver comprehensive protection for your dealership. We also provide professional video monitoring to keep an eye on your property while you focus on making sales. We have many solutions so you can optimize profits!

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warehouse Security Systems

Warehouse Security Systems

Protect your inventory with a custom system that includes local alarms positioned at each door, and camera surveillance to discourage employee theft. Manage safety regulations and even track inventory as it’s loaded for shipment! Our advanced security cameras provide a high-resolution color image during the day, and a clear, high-definition infrared image at night or whenever the lights are off. Reviewing your footage is easy. If you need to go back, events are marked on your timeline so that you can quickly find the spot you want.

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school Security Systems

School Security Systems

Our school security systems in NYC and CT provide complete intruder and emergency protection solutions for the students and faculty. We also offer security and fire monitoring services from our UL-listed control center, and we can help you maintain facility equipment with advanced wireless environmental monitoring systems. And, unlike our competitors, we offer reasonable service rates for inspections. If your alarms trigger an alert at your school, we will immediately contact the appropriate emergency services so that you can keep children safe.

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dispensary Security Systems

Dispensary Security Systems

We keep you in compliance with ever-changing state regulations, and unlike our many of our competitors, we are an approved, licensed vendor of business security systems and fire alarms for the MMJ Industry. We offer offsite video recording and live video monitoring for installed cameras. With our interactive bi-directional alarms, you are notified via email or text every time someone enters your dispensary or grow house.

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Church Security Systems

Our commercial security systems are perfect for NYC churches or church buildings. In the modern world, churches have the same risks of burglary and vandalism as many other businesses. In some cases, places of worship can be direct targets for misguided individuals. With our systems, you can control property access, respond during an emergency and deter any trouble. We also design and install fire alarm systems connected to our central communications station.

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At Knight Security Systems, we have over 60 years of experience delivering tailored security solutions for the commercial and public sectors. To get your free quote for a commercial surveillance system, call (914) 232-0003 or contact us online today.