Where to Put Video Surveillance Cameras in Your Home

Video surveillance cameras provide an excellent way of monitoring and managing your home, making it more secure for you and your family. However, simply installing this equipment is not enough. The security camera placement in your house is directly tied to the effectiveness of your system's surveillance, so you should know where to put security cameras in your house to ensure they provide adequate security.

Where Is the Best Place to Put Security Cameras?

The main goal is to put security cameras in places where intruders would most likely enter your home. While homes have different layouts, there are some spots that are commonly vulnerable to break-ins. Here are some of the best security camera placements in houses:

Front Doors

Most people might assume that intruders are always discreet when breaking into a home, but that is not always the case. About 34% of intruders enter through the front door. The front door is also where package thefts tend to occur. Placing a security camera at the front door will allow you to capture intruders in action, and you will also be able to keep tabs on who enters and exits your home.

Back and Side Doors

Entrances that are not visible, such as back and side doors, allow intruders to enter without being detected. It would be useful to place security cameras at those spots, especially since 22% of intruders enter through the backdoor.

Garages and Driveways

The garage can be another potential entry point for intruders. It would be beneficial to place security cameras pointed at your garage or driveway to capture intruders that may approach your home using this entryway.

Off-Street Windows

To avoid getting detected, some intruders will attempt to enter your home through an off-street window. These are windows that don't directly face the street, giving the intruder an entry point that is away from passing cars and people. Consider placing security cameras in a spot that faces the off-street windows.

Common Areas

In the unfortunate event that an intruder does manage to enter your home, they will most likely search for valuables in common areas such as the living room, kitchen and bedroom. Consider placing indoor cameras in these areas, as well as in any room with a large ground-level window where the intruder might enter.

Optimizing Security Camera Placement

When you install security cameras, you should also think about how to place them to get the most value out of your surveillance system. First, ensure that you place the cameras out of reach so they are not easily damaged or tampered with. You will want to install exterior cameras nine feet above the ground and interior cameras close to the ceiling.

Ensure that cameras are at the right angle to fully capture a specific area. It will also be best if you angle them away from direct sunlight, as it will wash out the footage. Look for spots with indirect sunlight, instead.

Contact Knight Security Systems for Home Security That Suits Your Needs

Home security goes beyond installing security cameras — the placement is also crucial for peak performance. At Knight Security Systems, we know where to put security cameras in houses to ensure they provide adequate surveillance. Contact us online for more information today.

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