Security Cameras: Managing Your Business Redefined

We all have a picture in our mind of what security cameras are supposed to look like.  They are big and bulky - and a bit too obvious.  They have been used for decades to deter crime, to identify and capture any issues of theft or vandalism, and to ultimately record these events so that the footage can be held up in court as evidence.

security cameras bulky

As technology has improved and the price of security cameras have come down, more and more Westchester business owners have decided to use security cameras in a different way - to help manage their business.  We will discuss some of the features of security cameras and why they are becoming an integral part of every business owner's success.  We will also discuss the benefits of having security cameras in your business and how you can choose the best system that fits you.

Features that benefit business owners:

Remote Access:

Security cameras now come with mobile applications that allow you to view your business from anywhere in the world.  You can simply pull out your smartphone, open an app, and be the "eye in the sky" for your business.  This gives the business owner freedom to worry about growing the business - whether that means going out to appointments, running errands, or even taking that vacation you promised yourself years ago - all the while still having an ability to manage what's going on in the day to day operations of the business.

Motion Notifications:

Some businesses have large complexes or parking lots that need attention too.  Instead of worrying about who is coming into your parking lot late at night, you can set up your DVR or NVR to send you clips whenever motion is detected.  A practical example of this is dumpsters.  We have a few dozen clients who had strangers using their dumpsters to discard everything from refrigerators to couches.  When the town would come to pick up the dumpsters, they would notice these items and fine the business owners.  We set up motion clip notifications which allowed the business owner to get real time notifications anytime someone went near the dumpster.

Multi-Store Platforms

Some of our Westchester business owners have more than one store they manage.  Working with Knight Security Systems, we were able to set up all the store's cameras on one central platform.  Instead of having a different app for each store, these business owners are able to open one app and view all their store's cameras on one screen.

Custom Screens:

We have a client in Westchester that has 12 different retail stores that all have security cameras in them.  She was able to create custom screens that she can view at any time from her computer.  On one screen she has all 12 cash registers, on another screen she has all her store's gas pumps, and on another screen she has each store's snack aisles.  This allows her to specify what's important to her, and ultimately customize what she wants to monitor.

Customer Counter:

One of the more advanced features of today's security camera systems is the ability to track how many customers enter and exit your business.  This allows you to track your closing rates, promotions, and other important data.

Back End Support:

One of the benefits of working with Knight Security Systems is our back-end support for the business owners.  From being there when you are unable to view your cameras from your smartphone or offering software that will alert you if your system has stopped recording, Knight Security Systems will help any business owner get the most out of their system.

Benefits of having a security system

Theft Prevention/Protection- Security Cameras are still great deterrents to theft, especially considering the majority of theft is committed by employees or someone familiar with the business or owners.

Employee Management- Cameras can improve productivity by up to 20% which isn't hard to believe considering most employees admit to working harder when the owner or manager is present at the business.  When you have security cameras, the business owner is always there!

Employee Training- Security Cameras can be used to help train employees on procedures and how to interact with customers or vendors.  We have countless clients who have used their cameras to show their employees what they are doing right/wrong.

Freedom!!!! - Many business owners spend upwards of 80 hours a week inside their businesses.  While many wish to take vacations or time off, some simply can't afford to do so.  Having a camera system can allow you to stay on top of your business no matter your location!

If you'd like to learn more on home a security camera system can help help your Westchester business, please give Knight Security Systems a call at 914.232.0003 or fill out our contact form today.





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