When to Replace Your Home Security System

A home security system is an integral part of protecting your family and valuables and reducing the risk of crime.

As with all electrical systems, your home alarm system is not built to last forever. It is essential to consider your system's condition to determine if it is still effectively carrying out its purpose.

With all the advancements and changes in technology, you'll find that home security upgrades are necessary for ensuring your property's safety.

Here are a couple of signs that your home security system needs an upgrade.

Your Home Security System Is Outdated 

Your home security system's age is a significant indicator of when it needs to be replaced. The average life span of a home security system is 10 to 15 years.

Once it starts nearing this point, you might want to consider getting home security upgrades.

For outdated systems such as a wired system, intruders can easily deactivate it by snipping the phone lines that connect to the central station, leaving your home vulnerable.

In this case, it will be best to upgrade your existing wired home security system to a wireless option for better protection.

Your Home Security System Is Failing 

When your system lacks regular maintenance, such as inspections and cleaning, it may start showing signs of failure.

These can be in the form of damaged components, malfunctioning sensors or the alarm not activating when it's supposed to. Intruders can recognize failing systems and often find a way to work around them to enter your home.

If your system is showing signs of damage or, even worse, an intruder manages to invade your home, it is time to upgrade your wired home alarm system.

Advancements in Home Security Technology 

Technology is constantly evolving. In the past few years, home security systems have undergone various sophisticated advancements geared toward making them more user-friendly.

Advanced systems can be controlled through an app on mobile devices from anywhere in the world, enabling you to arm or disarm your alarm remotely.

Modern home security upgrades also go beyond preventing intruders from invading your space — they provide added protection from fires and other life safety threats.

Keeping up with these advancements is necessary to ensure your home security offers ultimate protection.

How to Update Your Home Security System

When it's time to replace your outdated or failing system, you will want home security upgrades that work best for your residence. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Advanced camera systems: Monitor your home with high-definition cameras featuring zoom capabilities and motion sensors that send alerts directly to your phone.
  • Smart home systems: Manage any electronic device in your home, including your security system, heating or lighting, remotely from your web-enabled device when you install a smart home system.
  • Fire and environmental hazard detection: Advanced security systems can quickly detect smoke, fire or carbon monoxide and send alerts to emergency response services, protecting your home.

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You can rely on our advanced systems to provide your family and property with ultimate protection.

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