What happens if my home alarm system goes off?

Many prospective clients of ours are ask us what the process is for when an alarm goes off on their home alarm system.  An alarm system will sound if a perimeter or interior device gets breached when the alarm system is armed.  The alarm system will also go off if a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector is activated regardless of off the alarm is armed or not.   When the alarm system goes off, you should always remain vigilant until you determine the cause, then you should turn the alarm off at the keypad.  The next thing that is going to happen is the monitoring station will call either your house number or cell phone number to determine if a police response is necessary.  This typically occurs within the first 10-30 seconds after an alarm goes off.  If they get in contact with you, they can send for help or negate any further action.  If no one answers the phone, they then dispatch police.  Depending on where you live, a police officer may arrive just minutes after requesting help or not responding to the central station phone call.  Once a police officer arrives at your home or business, they will do a quick perimeter check, knock on your door, and will only further their actions if they notice a sign of distress (broken window, screaming, open door, noises etc.).  If they do not notice any sign of distress, they will leave a note at your front door saying they were there, and will be on their way.  Most towns will offer one to three site visits per year for false alarms (they obviously do not charge you for a real event).  If this becomes a common occurrence, they may fine you a nominal fee, such as $25 per false alarm response.

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