Buyers Guide: A Video Surveillance System for Business

As a business owner, security should be a top concern for your business. You've put everything you've got into your company's success, and protecting it should be the easiest decision you make. Video surveillance systems are more advanced than ever, with features like motion sensors and mobile alerts. If you're unsure of where to start, here's our guide to help you find the best video surveillance for your business.

Why You Should Invest in Video Surveillance for Your Business

Think of video surveillance systems as an investment for your company. Having security cameras is a common practice for businesses of any size. Knowing how they can benefit your company is the first step in determining why you should invest in video surveillance.

These are just some of the benefits of having a video surveillance system for your business:

  • Protect your business against break-ins and theft: In 2019, there were over 340,000 reported nonresidential burglaries and almost 905,000 reported shoplifting cases across the United States. Catching criminals on camera is useful evidence to help authorities find the perpetrators and stolen merchandise or belongings. If your cameras are visible or have motion sensor lights, this can help in deterring unwanted visitors on your business's property.
  • Solve workplace disputes: Cameras can catch everything on tape, which is helpful when resolving disputes. If something goes wrong — misplaced inventory, harassment in the workplace or disgruntled customers — you'll have a record of it on camera. When customers and employees know cameras are in place, they typically feel safer and are less likely to do something they shouldn't because they know they'll be caught on camera. This footage can be stored for future reference or presented to the authorities if a report would need to be made.
  • Monitor all of your business at once: Video surveillance is also an effective way to keep an eye on the operations of your business during a workday. If you have a large property, you can easily monitor several areas at once. Multiple cameras in different locations can help you monitor employees and inventory to ensure everything is running smoothly. Video surveillance can also keep restricted areas secure and provide an accurate account of people coming and going.

Investing in video surveillance systems for your business is a necessary step in properly maintaining your property. Ultimately, video surveillance systems offer you peace of mind, keep your employees accountable and add a layer of 24/7 protection against criminal activity.

What Should You Look for in a Video Surveillance System?

What Should You Look for in a Video Surveillance System?

When considering what kind of video surveillance system you're looking for, you should keep in mind that expert installation and help are most beneficial. Finding the best video surveillance company can ensure you get a system that provides you with the best commercial video surveillance options. Look for a company that can offer you the following:

  • The ability to manage your system remotely: Many video surveillance systems today offer users the ability to view live video feeds and past recordings remotely via a mobile app. This feature allows you to monitor business activity without being present. You can go to appointments, be present in meetings, take a vacation or even work from home. You can remotely keep an eye on business operations and get mobile alerts when someone is in or around your business property after hours.
  • Adequate video storage: Choose a camera system that allows you to save surveillance recordings and provides adequate space for doing so. Many surveillance companies offer clients the ability to upload videos to the cloud, which is a way to store data that can be accessed via the internet. Instead of storing the data — or in this case, video recordings — on a single computer, you can access the footage anywhere you have internet access.
  • Monitoring services: Monitoring services turn your video surveillance system into a 24/7 watch guard. When you use a surveillance company, you can connect your system to a monitoring station that will dispatch emergency responders if there is a threat to your business on weekends or after hours. With a professional set of eyes monitoring your business's system, you can enjoy your downtime knowing your business is still protected.
  • Flexible system options: The best video surveillance company will understand that no two businesses are the same, and each business will have different security needs. Look for a security camera company that will use a combination of camera systems, perfect whether you need a video surveillance system for a small business or something larger.

Business Video Surveillance FAQs

Still have questions about video surveillance systems and how they can work for your business? Here are the answers to some common questions to help you decide what will suit your operations:

Do I Have to Monitor the Video Surveillance Myself?

Many business owners like having the option to monitor or check the surveillance footage themselves. Of course, it is unrealistic for you to have the time to constantly monitor the security feed, especially overnight. Knight Security Systems offers 24/7 video monitoring, where our trained security professionals monitor alerts from your system and can dispatch police as necessary.

How Long Does Footage Stay on Security Cameras?

This functionality will depend on the type of cameras you get and how much storage your security company provides. Surveillance systems typically have a lower storage capacity, so many companies use external storage like the cloud. At Knight Security Systems, we provide our clients with up to a year's worth of video storage.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Video Surveillance?

Video surveillance systems help protect your business from theft and break-ins and let you monitor day-to-day operations and productivity. Although professionally installed and monitored systems take time and money to implement, the investment will pay off as you protect your business with improved peace of mind for years to come.

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