Wireless versus Wired Security Cameras

Wireless security systems are gaining traction for businesses around the world. While many security systems were connected by wires in the past, they are being replaced by wireless solutions. Why? Wireless security camera systems have been recognized to be more flexible, secure, efficient and easier to install by recent news. So, is it worth the switch or should you stick with a functional wired security camera? Let's find out.

Pros of Wireless Security Systems

Here are five ways wireless security cameras could benefit your business.

1. Protects You From Legal Action

Wireless security cameras can protect you from lawsuits, such as workers' compensation cases, from injuries sustained by employees. With a wireless security camera system, you can help resolve disputes between employees and prevent any unnecessary legal action against your organization.

2. Helps Identify Visitors Using Foolproof Coverage

An efficient wireless security system will provide 100% security coverage for your business. Multiple cameras — including indoor, outdoor and night vision cameras — create a security mesh that is easy to track from a single command center. While outdoor wireless security cameras can monitor entrances and parking lots, indoor cameras can keep an eye on employee behavior, burglary attempts and industrial operations.

3. Helps Prevent Theft and Vandalism

By installing a wireless security camera system, you'll avoid vandalism and break-ins. According to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, vandalism costs schools, businesses, youth and homeowners over $15 billion each year. As a small business, wireless security cameras can help prevent business interruption and downtime, repairs and property replacement after an act of vandalism.

4. Reduces Costs

An outdoor wireless security camera system can help your business minimize costs due to increased data security and lower setup and deployment expenses. They can also reduce insurance costs as they show your provider that you're taking steps to protect your business and become less of a liability, lowering premiums. In addition, indoor and outdoor cameras ensure your employees are working productively while on the clock, maximizing your time and money.

5. Allows You to Access Real-Time Coverage

It's crucial for business owners to access live video surveillance when needed. Real-time footage encourages employee productivity and good behavior enables remote monitoring and prevents safety incidents. To ensure your business's wireless security camera system has a positive effect, consider creating an employee monitoring program encompassing a sound company policy, upfront approach and limited use. This means keeping cameras out of places such as bathrooms, changing areas and break rooms.

Cons of Wireless Security Systems

Now, here are some wireless security camera cons that could impact your home or business needs:

1. Potential of Monthly Fees

A wireless security camera sometimes require a monthly fee for cloud storage in an effort to view your camera footage from any advice. Wireless security cameras may be more costly and incur an additional financial investment for your household or business.

2. Spotty Video Quality

An efficient wired security system is known for its high-quality coverage, while a wireless security camera may emit spotty camera footage due to its reliance on Wi-Fi capabilities. By installing a wired security camera system, you'll dodge frequent battery changes in addition to better coverage.

3. Susceptible to Hacking

Due to the Wi-Fi capability of a wireless camera system, users may experience a higher vulnerability to hacking overtime. We recommend considering a wired security camera installation if your home or business needs top security.

After weighing the pros and cons of wireless security cameras, our team suggests installing an indoor or outdoor wired security camera system.

Solutions for Small and Large Businesses

Knight Security Systems designs and installs custom wired security camera systems for city buildings, businesses and other public structures. We help various business owners in multiple industries protect employees, visitors and property from risks. These include:

  • Churches.
  • Schools.
  • State and local municipalities.
  • Auto dealerships.
  • Warehouses.
  • Food service companies.
  • Retail and small businesses.
  • Construction companies.
  • Property management companies.
  • Sports complexes.

Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera Systems for Businesses

When you partner with the security professionals at Knight Security Systems, you'll receive ongoing maintenance and subscription service opportunities. You can rely on us to offer customized solutions to effectively and discreetly protect your business from theft and vandalism. Our comprehensive security systems include:

  • Video surveillance and security cameras. Monitoring your assets in real time with our video surveillance and security camera systems is a powerful way to ensure employee productivity and safety.
  • Fire systems. We design, install, monitor, inspect and service your fire alarm systems.
  • Intrusion alarms. Knight Security Systems provides comprehensive intrusion detection for small businesses in New York and New Jersey.
  • Access control. Our access control security system is the easiest way to monitor and control admittance within your premises.

Invest in Wired and Wireless Security Cameras for Your Business Today

If you're looking for the best outdoor security camera system for your business, trust Knight Security Systems. We're a leading licensed, family-owned security system company serving residents and businesses in New York and New Jersey. We offer remote business monitoring solutions, camera systems and fire alarms to business owners in New York City, Fairfield County, Putnam County, Westchester County, Dutchess County, Litchfield and beyond.

Contact a Knight Security Systems representative today to learn more about the best wireless security cameras and wired security cameras for your business.

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