What does all this mean?: A Guide to a Honeywell Security Keypad

Knight Security System technicians spend anywhere from a half hour to an hour instructing a homeowner on how to use the security keypad after installing a security system.  No matter how long our technicians spend going over everything or no matter how confident a home or business owner is in using the system, there will always be a period of nervousness interacting with the system for the first few days.  For someone who has never used a security system, disarming the keypad after coming home from work can be a very stressful situation.  The 30 second beeping countdown timer can be likened to disarming a bomb in a James Bond movie.  This fact was re-affirmed to us recently when we spoke to a new client a few days after installation.  We followed up with her on how everything was going and she answered in a relieved tone, " It's great, I am no longer afraid of arming the system!"

The first thing to always keep in mind is that even if you have an issue disarming the system, you will always receive a phone call from our UL Listed Central Station who will make sure everything is alright.  Once you confirm your verbal password to them, they will walk you through how to reset the system and can assist you in arming or disarming the system in the future.  The second thing to remember is that most security systems we install today come with the mobile app.  If the keypad is somewhat intimidating, use the app!  You can arm and disarm the system, bypass zones, and change user codes right from your phone.  The third thing to keep in mind is that our office and service technicians are always on stand-by to walk you through using the system and are happy to come out to go over everything.  There are also a wealth of videos, manuals, and directions accessible to you through Knight Security or via the Internet.


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