Business and Home Security Systems in Westchester, New York

Knight Security Systems is proud to serve Westchester as your security system provider. We've offered the comfort of a home security system in Westchester, NY to homeowners since 1959. Our products and services are professional and affordable. We value our customers long after your first few months of service, providing constant reassurance that earns loyal customers for life.

The team at Knight Security Systems commits ourselves to excellence. Our dedication is clear in three focus areas:

  • The team we build
  • The services we provide
  • The satisfaction of our customers

Our family has owned and operated Knight Security Systems for three generations. Since then, we've catered to homeowners searching for security systems in Westchester, NY. We've provided quality products and services for over 60 years. That history means that we have the experience it takes to fulfill your home security needs. Now, we're branching out to offering solutions like fire alarms to Westchester, NY businesses. Our team can help you find the perfect solution for your home or business.

Commercial and Residential Alarm Systems in Westchester, New York

Knight Security Systems is an authorized Honeywell Security dealer. Honeywell's trusted security equipment solves residential and commercial security concerns. If you're searching for a security camera in Westchester, NY, we have the technology for you. Knight Security Systems can design a camera system for you. Your custom system will meet the needs of your business or home.

Home and business owners seeking alarm systems in Westchester, NY choose Knight Security Systems. Our selection features fire alarms, security cameras and comprehensive security systems. As the premier security system provider in Westchester, we understand that you have unique security needs. Our design services are customizable and affordable. Trust customized security solutions to keep your family or company safe. Whether you need special equipment or extra support, we can help.

Home Security Systems

Monitor and manage your home with a comprehensive home security system. Track any changes that happen in your home. You can also manage automated or linked components from your phone. Those include fixtures like garage doors or smoke detectors. Home solutions with an accessible user interface let you enjoy using our mobile app.

Enjoy your time away from home when you know you're keeping your pets, children and guests safe.

Alarm Systems

We provide residential alarm systems as well as commercial systems across Westchester. Our industry-leading alarm systems help you protect your property from burglaries and other intrusions. An alarm system makes an effective deterrent.

Connect the system to a mobile app to manage your alarms from anywhere. If something happens, you'll receive alerts. Your alarm system will also alert the proper authorities.

Fire Alarm Systems

You must follow the fire codes for your area. Our team of fully trained professionals can design a system that ensures your compliance. Keep your belongings, inventory and property safe with a custom fire alarm system. Experts from Knight Security Systems will take care of everything from looking over building plans to choosing the best fire alarms for your property.

Supplement your fire alarm system in Westchester, NY, with professional monitoring services. We'll watch over your system 24/7 and provide regular inspections that keep your system performing as it's intended to.

Why Partner With Knight Security Systems for Residential and Commercial Security?

Enjoy the peace of mind you'll feel when you partner with Knight Security Systems. Let our trusted team protect the places, people and belongings you care about. Our experience and equipment allow us to complete effective, efficient installations in businesses and homes.

One fundamental benefit of working with us is having access to scalable security systems. Our security equipment can adapt to your property whether you're protecting a store, a dealership or even a church. Our team takes the times to install and configure your system for you. Then, we'll stick around to explain the system's settings and help you navigate our mobile app.

At Knight Security Systems, we're confident that we have the security solution you need. After installation, we'll help you identify potential security issues before they become a problem. Our company offers expert repair and ongoing maintenance services whenever you need them. We're available 24/7 with remote support. No matter when you need us, we'll be here for you.

Trust Your Home or Business to Knight Security Systems

Your residential or commercial property's security is your highest priority. When you partner with Knight Security Systems, it becomes our priority, too. You'll enjoy the reassurance that comes with employing a professional security company. Our team has your back.

For more information, contact us today. Schedule a free consultation with Knight Security Systems to get started.