Protect Your Home from Water Damage with a Water Sensor Alarm

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare.  You return to your home from an evening out or a weekend getaway.  You settle in, get the kid’s ready for bed, and turn on your favorite TV show.  You decide to walk downstairs to get a snack or maybe a glass of wine (red of course!) when all of a sudden you stumble upon one of the most devastating sights that thousands of Americans face each year, a flooded basement.

Hundreds of Westchester homeowners are faced with a flooded basement each year.  We’ve all heard a nightmarish story from a family member, friend, or neighbor when in which a pipe burst and flooded their entire bottom floor.  I personally have a neighbor who had their basement flooded, spent two years working with their insurance company and renovating only to have Hurricane Sandy hit and watch their basement flood again.

To level with you, it was a rarity that my neighbor had two floods in five years.  The first one was caused by a pipe burst, while the second flood was due to one of the worst natural disasters to hit the Northeast in a hundred years.  To level with you again, the second flood was unpreventable.  The home is located in a low-flood area and once the rain began in late October, it was impossible to predict or stop the devastation that would occur later that night.

The first flood, on the other hand, could have and should have been prevented.  The family was at a baseball tournament for their youngest son and when they returned home 8 hours later, they walked into two and a half inches of water in their completely finished basement.  Had they known their basement was flooding they could have rushed home or called a friend to shut the water off.  A $100 water sensor alarm could have saved them thousands of dollars and two years’ worth of headaches.

One of the most under-appreciated and least talked about devices that make up a security system are water sensor alarms.  It can be added to your security system and be monitored both locally and through a central station.

What is a water sensor alarm?

A water sensor alarm, also used as a low-temperature detector, is a small probe that sits on the floor of your basement usually in an area where water would likely accumulate (like near a sump pump).  It is then connected to a device that is integrated into your current security system.  A water sensor alarm can be either hard-wired or wireless.


How does a water sensor alarm work?

The water sensor has a probe that sits on the floor with two metal rods touching the ground.  The probe detects water through conducting an electrical charge.  Normally there is nothing touching the probe’s metal rods but air and cement.  Neither of which are good conductors of electricity.  Water, on the other hand, is a very good conductor.  Once the metal rod touches water, it creates a connection that alerts the sensor to create an alarm event.


How will I be notified of a water event?

The device can sound off the alarm in order to alert you in the home.  It can also be alerted to send you an email or text, or have the monitoring company call you with the pertinent information.


Can it work with my security system?

Yes! Knight Security Systems offers customized solutions to fit your needs. Reach out today. 


How much does it cost and how can I get it?

Not much at all!  The device is a one-time fee and usually ranges from one hundred to two hundred dollars.  It can then be programmed into your security system to be monitored by your security company


How else can a Water Sensor Alarm be used?

The water sensor can also be programmed to detect high or low-temperature events.  This feature comes in handy if you lose power or have problems with your heating or air conditioning.  It can also be used to monitor refrigeration units in residential or commercial properties.


The water sensor can provide you with the peace of mind that the biggest investment in your life is protected from unforeseen devastation.  If you have any questions or would like to know how you can add a water sensor alarm to your Westchester home, please call Knight Security Systems at 914.232.0003  or fill out a contact form now! 

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