Types of Warehouse Security Measures

Whether you operate a cold storage or a fulfillment center, your warehouse contains valuable inventory. Due to the large size of warehouse buildings, various entryways and the amount of inventory, it can be more susceptible to crimes like theft. Having adequate internal and external security measures helps keep your warehouse protected.

Why Is Security Important for Warehouses?

If a criminal breaks into your warehouse, you could be facing damage and losses. Having to sort through and replace inventory can be time-consuming, and a loss of inventory impacts your profits. Overall, security measures help protect your goods and your team.

8 Warehouse Security Tips

Don't give thieves easy access to your goods. Check out these security tips to develop a solid safety plan for your warehouse.

1. Have Good Lighting

Having good lighting — both inside and outside — can help deter criminal activity. Along with giving you a better look at what's going on throughout the night, having a well-lit property won't give thieves a place to hide when scoping out or attempting to break in. Motion-activated lights make it even more obvious that someone is lurking around outside.

2. Secure Entry Points

Areas like windows and doors need extra security measures because these are key entry points for criminals. Safeguard your warehouse's entry points with elements like reinforced glass, strong deadbolts, window locking mechanisms and long, high-durability screws. These features make it harder for criminals to gain access to your interior.

3. Incorporate Environmental Controls

Your warehouse can face a loss of goods from natural disasters and emergencies. Situations like flooding or fires can quickly cause widespread damage. With the right environmental sensors, you'll be better prepared to take action if disaster strikes.

4. Install Security Cameras

Cameras are some of the best types of warehouse security to have on your property. If potential criminals see you have a security camera system, they'll likely think twice before attempting to break in. The footage can also be used for identification or as evidence if a crime does take place on your property.

5. Set up an Alarm System

Alarm systems offer an easy way to be alerted about theft attempts and break-ins. With a professional alarm system, you'll also be able to call for police or emergency services right away, potentially minimizing the amount of damage.

6. Hire On-Site Security

Have on-site security staff monitor the premises. With their training and knowledge of security tools and techniques, you can experience peace of mind knowing your warehouse is being watched over day and night — and will be ready to take the appropriate action when necessary.

7. Implement Access Control

Keep areas of your warehouse or facilities secure from internal personnel with access controls. Let people in or lock them out through systems that enable access through your phone, computer or tablet. Consider access control methods like:

  • Biometrics
  • Gate control
  • Phoned entry
  • Single-door control
  • Keypad access

8. Customize Your Security Systems

Your warehouse may have unique security needs that standard systems don't address. Opting for custom alarm solutions can make a difference in emergency situations. At Knight Security Systems, we sell and install custom security solutions, ranging from fire alarms to remote monitoring, and offer 24/7 customer support.

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