Fire Alarm Security in Westchester

If a fire breaks out in your residential space, time is incredibly valuable. Every second a fire continues, the risk of interior and exterior damage to your property skyrockets, erasing memories, personal belongings and more. If you're moving to a new location in New York or Connecticut, installing a security and fire system should be your top priority.

Security and fire alarm systems help save lives and provide peace of mind with 24/7 assistance. Simply having a fire alarm is a step in the right direction, but the correct installation can help catch an emergency before it gets out of hand. If your current fire alarm is malfunctioning or you're due for an upgrade, Knight Security Systems can provide cutting-edge technology your loved ones will appreciate.

At Knight Security Systems, we place a strong emphasis on life safety. Every system we design is customized to your home and family. As a trusted fire alarm company in CT and NY, we focus on ensuring both residential spaces are safe and secure.

“A burglar may take your jewelry and cash, but a fire will take photos, furniture, and everything else your family holds dear. A burglar will take just your valuables, but a fire will take everything…” — Tom McCenaney, President, Knight Security Systems

The Need for Fire Alarm Installation in NY and CT

Thinking about a residential fire can feel overwhelming, but experiencing this type of catastrophe is life-changing. If you do not have a fire alarm system in your home, time can slip through your fingers as you try to get your family to safety. In the intense moments of a fire, you may even forget to call the local fire department after making it outside.

We recommend having multiple fire alarms on each floor to identify a fire in its early stages. If you're unsure where to mount these devices, our professional fire alarm installers will work with you to pinpoint common areas of concern. We'll configure your home's fire alarms to detect smoke and temperature changes in locations where fires most frequently occur, such as:

  • Near kitchens and stoves
  • Around electrical fuse boxes
  • Bedrooms
  • Living room chimneys
  • Laundry rooms and basements
  • Attics

Benefits of Monitored Smoke Detectors From Our Fire Protection Company

Knight Security Systems will optimize your home's setup by connecting you to the latest fire alarm systems and security. Our monitored smoke detectors are much "smarter" than the standard alarms of the past. We reduce the amount of time it takes for firefighters to reach your neighborhood, as local professionals are contacted the second conditions prove out of the ordinary.

The right residential fire alarm and security equipment will help you stay in the loop about the status of your home even when you're out of town. Our installers listen to your expectations regarding home security and fire alarm capabilities to draw up a solution that works for your lifestyle and routine. Our compact sensors take up little space and are perfect in the following situations:

  • If occupants of a home are sleeping
  • If no one is in the home during the day or away on vacation
  • If you have pets or other stay in guests that might not be able to get to the phone in time
  • Homeowners insurance discount of up to 20%

Carbon Monoxide Protection

What do carbon monoxide detectors do exactly? A monitored carbon monoxide detector works similar to a monitored smoke detector. However, instead of detecting smoke, the carbon monoxide detectors detect CO levels.

Your Residential Fire Alarm Company in Westchester County, NY

Knight Security Systems channels over 60 years of industry experience to deliver high-quality New York fire detection products and services. Customers in NY and CT look to our fire protection company for innovative solutions that make a true difference during an emergency.

If you are in the Westchester, Dutchess, Putnam, or Fairfield area, call Knight Security Systems today (914) 232-0003 to schedule your free in-person consultation. For more information about our installations, service locations or technology, fill out a contact form online today.