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Residential Security Systems

Knight Security can provide a custom residential security system for you and your family in Westchester County NY and surrounding areas.  No two homes are the same and Knight Security will spend quality time and care creating a custom solution that will alleviate any concerns you might have.  As an authorized Honeywell Dealer, we can provide your home with the right equipment to get the job done! Visit our Residential Page

Commercial Security Systems

Leaving your business unsecure to potential theft and vandalism can make the difference between a profitable year or not.  Not only is your business threatened from the outside, it’s also threatened from the inside.  Employee theft resulted in 50 billion dollars of lost profit to businesses across America in 2012.  In fact over 40% of all business theft is committed by employees. Knight Security can help protect your business and livelihood by protecting your business from all security threats, inside or out! Please click here to learn more about our Commercial Solutions

If you are in the Westchester, Dutchess, Putnam, or Fairfield area call Knight Security Systems today (914) 232-0003 to schedule your free in-person consultation.