Install a Security System in Putnam County, New York

Knight Security Systems has been a family-owned and -operated business since 1959. We're committed to our team, our services and your satisfaction — and we're committed to excellence. That's why we offer quality products and services. As one of our customers, you'll have access to brand names and custom solutions. Knight Security Systems is an authorized Honeywell dealer. Whether you need a full system or a security camera in Putnam County, NY, Knight Security Systems can provide the products and services you need.

Premier Business and Home Security Systems in Putnam County, New York

Install a home security system in Putnam County, NY, for improved peace of mind. An individualized system lets you monitor specific changes in your home. You can choose a variety of elements to manage from our mobile app. Some options for remote management includes smoke detectors and automatic garage doors. The app's simple user interface makes our home security systems an easy-to-use security solution for homes and businesses throughout Putnam County and the surrounding areas.

You'll feel more secure when you know that your family, pet or business is safe, even when you are not nearby.

Alarm Systems

Knight Security Systems provides residential alarms and commercial alarm systems in Putnam County, NY. An alarm system is the most effective way to protect your home or business from intruders. Reduce the risk of burglaries and other events with a custom alarm system designed by our team. You can connect your new alarm system to your phone for peace of mind no matter where you are.

Fire Alarm Systems

Protect your property against fires with a fire alarm system. Whether you want to save your inventory, the property itself or the people inside, fire alarms can help. Plus, your building must adhere to fire codes for your area. Installing fire alarms in Putnam County, NY, ensures your home or business's compliance. We've trained our team of professionals to analyze building plans. We'll design your optimal fire alarm system.

When you enlist our team to build and install your system, we'll protect your home or business with constant monitoring. Frequent inspections make sure your system works as intended.

Why Our Customers Choose Knight Security Systems

At Knight Security Systems, we offer various services to supplement your business or home security system in Putnam County, NY. Monitoring, performing planned maintenance and making repairs are all part of the experience you receive when you partner with us.

After we work with you to design your system, we perform a professional installation. Our technicians will explain your system's settings and help you use it. Before they leave, they can even help you install download and use our mobile app. With that technology, you'll have control over your security system even when you're far from your home or business.

Our customers also enjoy constant remote support from our team of experts. We provide 24/7 assistance.

Knight Security Systems Protects Your Home or Business

No matter what your security needs are, the team at Knight Security Systems can offer you the peace of mind you want. When you install a customized security system in Putnam County, NY, you enjoy the knowledge that you're protecting the people and things that matter to you. Wherever you go, whenever you need us, we'll be there.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your security needs. Contact us today for more information.