Help. I’ve Fallen and I Cant Get Up

We’ve all seen the commercials, and most of us instantly recognize that no matter what age we are, a situation like this can happen to anyone.  While the commercials we see seem dated, the technology behind Medical Alert buttons is still as applicable today as it’s ever been.  Whether it’s a slip or fall, or sudden chest pain, a Medical Alert button can call the authorities and save your life or a loved ones.


With your existing security system, a medical alert button can be added to provide peace of mind to you or a loved one.  Let’s take a look while these simple devices are so beneficial.


Instant Call to Authorities

A medical alert button installed within your security system can be programmed to call your local medical emergency authorities.  Most of us have our cell phones on us whenever we leave our house, but many of us don’t carry our cell phone when going about our daily activities in the comforts of our own home.   Even if we have our cell phone on us, a call to 911 could be difficult to make if talking is impacted.  With the medical alert button, there is no phone call required to be made.  You press the button and the authorities respond to your home.



These devices are a bit smaller than most car keys and can be worn as a necklace, a wrist pendant, or simply kept in your pocket.  Due to its size, these devices don’t constantly remind you that they are there, but are there when you need them the most.


Medical Alert Buttons can be tied into your Existing Security System

Medical Alert Buttons can be installed quite simply.  If your existing security system has a wireless receiver built into it, all we need to do is come out with the device, program it, and show you how to use it.  It’s a simple as that!


Medical Alerts Buttons keep you or Loved Ones Independent

Most of us like our sense of freedom.  With a medical alert button, our loved ones can remain independent, while still having a lifeline, especially if they live alone.  As relatives of loved ones, we can maintain a sense of comfort that our friends or family remain safe.


Dual Functions

Not only can these Medical Alert Buttons be used to contact your local emergency authorities, but they can also be programmed as panic buttons.  With a panic button, if you or a loved one feels threatened, they can press the police button on the device, and quietly contact the police for immediate response.



Medical Alert Buttons are an inexpensive way to provide the ultimate peace of mind.  Whether it be a medical emergency or a potential intruder, these devices can ultimately be the last line of defense and could save your life or your closest loved one’s.

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