Fire Alarm Systems in White Plains, New York

Are you looking for top-quality security systems in the White Plains area of New York? Whether you need a home alarm system or a fire alarm installation for your commercial property, Knight Security Systems is here to help. We offer custom security solutions that are designed just for your property's specific needs.

Purchasing off-the-shelf alarms may seem convenient, but DIY installation is often complicated, challenging and time-consuming. Our certified technicians have experience placing and configuring all kinds of security systems and will quickly and efficiently complete your installation. Our custom systems also offer an added level of specificity for enhanced security that off-the-shelf products don't provide.

Home and Fire Alarm Installation in White Plains, NY

For expert alarm installation, Knight Security Systems has the products and services you're looking for. Based on the specifications of your property, we will design a custom solution and deliver it in a single package that we expertly install to fit in with your current building design.

We use all the latest industry technology, and we are also an exclusive Honeywell dealer. We offer Honeywell's smart security products for homes and businesses, all of which you can easily manage using the Honeywell Total Connect® smartphone app for on-the-go system access and control.

We offer several different types of systems, including:

Fire Alarm Systems

When our fire alarm system detects the first signs of smoke, fire and carbon monoxide in your home or business, you will receive immediate text and email notifications. We can also install custom sprinkler systems that will douse any flames to prevent further damage while firefighters are en route.

In White Plains, New York, fire alarm systems must be designed and installed to meet local codes, and they may also need to undergo inspections. Knight Security Systems technicians have in-depth knowledge of these standards and procedures so we can ensure that everything is performed in accordance with local laws.

Security Systems

Our security systems include many special features that allow you to monitor and control nearly every facet of your home or business. From locking doors to turning lights on and off, you can control the security around your property to keep everyone safe.

For home security systems in White Plains, our systems allow you to monitor packages left on your porch, make sure the kids are safe and check on your pets. For businesses, you can keep an eye on your inventory, check up on your staff and review the day's work. Whatever you may want to monitor, our security systems utilize advanced technology and can be easily controlled through the Total Connect app on your smartphone.

Camera Systems

Security cameras are a tried-and-true surveillance method. Our cameras offer superior capabilities including high-resolution images, infrared technology for exceptional night vision and unbeatable zoom.

Determining the right number of cameras depends on the size and specific details of your structure. At Knight Security Systems, we offer free consultation services so we can get a better sense of your property and make the best recommendations.

Best Home Security Systems in White Plains, NY

For more than 60 years, Knight Security Systems has been providing the best home and business security systems in White Plains and the surrounding areas. We've earned a reputation as a reliable security company because of our superior products and services. As a UL-listed business, our products, services and processes are all certified as some of the best available.

We also offer customers our 24/7 monitoring services for additional peace of mind. We provide instant support as soon as a threat is detected, whether that threat is a fire, intruder or any other kind of emergency.

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