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Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever you are resetting your security system, you should always call us to ensure the problem is resolved. You can reset your system by entering your CODE + 1, CODE +1

To test your system, please call KSS at 914.232.0003 and ask that your system be put on test.

To test a specific device, you can either review your system’s user manual (links below) or call KSS at 914.232.0003

Depending on the age of your system, your security system may send you an alert or show a Low Battery on the keypad. Battery devices can be replaced by you or KSS can come out and replace them. If you replace them yourself, please contact KSS and we can walk you through which batteries you should use and how to replace them.

Your fire and life safety devices are always “armed” and do not need any additional action by you.

Just because you cannot see your cameras on your phone, does not mean that system isn’t running and recording. It is likely that you simply can’t connect to the recorder via your smartphone. Have you changed your internet service or router? Is the camera system still plugged in? KSS can likely restore the connection remotely from our office.

Yes, you can change the contact information at any time by calling KSS at 914.232.0003.

This means the security system is temporarily not communicating with the monitoring station. Have you had any changes to your phone service? Have you recently lost power? When seeing this message on your keypad, you should immediately call KSS at 914.232.0003.

Yes you can. Once contacting KSS, we will come out and inspect the system and train you on how to use it.

While systems may vary with age, the majority of KSS systems allow for the addition of new devices.

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