Keeping Your House Safe When You Go Out

According to MarketWatch, home burglaries dropped during the Covid-19 pandemic. The likely reason is that people were home, which is always a major deterrent for criminals. Now that we’re all getting out and about again, it’s a good time to remember that when we go out, people with ill intentions may try to get in. Over the years, a number of news outlets have done interviews with people incarcerated for burglary to get their advice. Here are some of those suggestions, most of which are fairly simple. 

  1. Lock all doors and windows. This sounds obvious, but a lot of burglaries are committed because the homeowners either forgot, or didn’t bother, to lock up when they went out.  
  2. Leave lights on – but note that burglars know people do this, so if there are no other signs of activity, it may not be as big of a deterrent as you think.
  3. Motion detector lighting can be a good option because it can be startling to an unwelcome visitor and can also draw the attention of neighbors. 
  4. Leave a television or radio turned on – along with some lights, which gives the impression that someone is in the house. 
  5. You may feel safer with your car parked in your garage, but a car parked in the driveway (locked, of course) also suggests that someone could be home. 

And if you’re going out of town, always tell a trusted neighbor. That way if they see something out of the ordinary, they will know to act on it. (And don’t forget to give them your contact information.)

So, get out and enjoy, but don’t forget these simple tips to make sure everything is as you left it when you return.

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