New York and Connecticut Security Systems

Home and business owners are often the victims of break-ins, burglaries and environmental accidents. If you wish there was a way to deter thieves and prevent unnecessary property damage, you can count on Knight Security Systems to supply industry-leading commercial and home burglar security alarm systems. After hearing more about your lifestyle and routine, our experts create cutting-edge solutions that help keep friends, family and colleagues safe from the unexpected.

We separate ourselves from other security system companies with our knowledge and skills related to installation, repair and maintenance. From web-enabled security cameras to responsive fire alarms, you stay in control of your property through a user-friendly mobile app.

Protection and Peace of Mind From Burglary, Fire and Medical Emergencies

There’s a security system for every budget, need and lifestyle, and Knight Security Systems is here to help. A great security system isn’t some “out of the box” equipment and a yard-sign. Over the past 60 years, Knight Security Systems has developed a custom approach in designing a security system that works just for you.

We're your premier licensed dealer for professional security systems in CT and NY. We understand that home and business owners have different expectations for security systems, so our representatives guide you to tailored options that match your applications. Optimize your residential or commercial space to catch security issues as soon as they arise.

Why Do I Need a New Security System?

Our systems are easy to configure and give you the satisfaction of knowing what is happening at home or work 24/7. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team knows where to place commercial and home burglar alarm systems so that you get an accurate activity read when you step away. You're in the market for a new or updated security system if any of the following details apply to you:

  • You frequently travel for work
  • Children or pets live in the home
  • Your home or office receives routine deliveries
  • Reports of local break-ins are skyrocketing
  • Your existing alarms are not compatible with mobile devices
  • It's been years since your last security update
  • The home or office has multiple entry points

Professional Security System Cameras From Knight Security Systems

Once a burglary occurs, it's nearly impossible to recover stolen items. Luckily, Knight Security Systems offers professional camera systems for indoor and outdoor use. Our team brings you durable instant security monitoring options for front porches, garages, backyard decks and more.

You can link high definition security cameras to your smartphone, computer or tablet. Easily gather footage after an incident with the ability to archive or view feeds in real-time. Use zoom features to get a closer look at license plates, suspects and activity.

Access Control Security Functions and Home Monitoring

The best way to increase security across your residential or commercial property is to bundle cameras with remote monitoring devices. We partner with Honeywell to provide assistive technology for maximum reassurance. Allow entry into your home, open and close garage doors and shut the blinds with the press of a button.

No more need for multiple keypads in your home. With our remote services, you can turn any smartphone into a virtual keypad that you can take anywhere. What’s more? Get alerts when your kids get home from school, when your cleaning person arrives, or when a family member is dropping something off. Control your lights, thermostats and locks while also keeping an eye out for that package getting dropped off. Your security system can be used for much more than just protecting your family and investments.

We Perform Installations, Maintenance and Repairs

We go above and beyond for our customers with installation services. We ensure your household burglar alarm system corresponds with your mobile device, and we provide 24/7 customer support if you experience a problem. If components get disconnected, we'll come help with maintenance and repairs.

Reach Out to Knight Security Systems for Web-Enabled Technology

Security cameras and alarms add value to your property and contribute to the safety of your loved ones. If you live in the greater New York area or parts of Connecticut, Knight Security Systems travels to numerous counties for installations. For additional information about any of our security systems, complete a contact form online today.

If you are in the Westchester, Dutchess, Putnam, or Fairfield area call Knight Security Systems today
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See what’s going on around the house…

With a connected home, you are never more than a few feet away from your home. A security system provides the perfect hub for your smart home.

Answer the door remotely…

No more answering the door for that annoying neighbor. With your security system, you can answer the doorbell remotely and communicate with them as if you were standing at the door yourself. The best of all, you get to see them but they can’t see you!

Control your thermostats, lights, locks, and more…

With a connected home, you never have to worry if you left the central air on or if you locked that back door. With your security system, you can control all of your home’s systems remotely. Even better, create your own schedules so that your devices activate when you need them to.

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