Home Security Camera Systems: What Are They Used For?

Are you ready to improve your home's security and get the peace of mind you need to enjoy a vacation, know your family is safe or focus on work? If so, installing a security camera system in your home may be the solution.

When you outfit your home with surveillance cameras, you can keep your family and property safe from internal threats such as flooding, house fires and carbon monoxide, as well as external threats, including theft and vandalism.

Benefits of a Home Security Camera

Adding cameras to your home's security system comes with many benefits, including:

  • Deterring burglaries. An outdoor security camera will help you deter burglars. In some cases, criminals may change their minds when they spot an outdoor camera on the premises.
  • Reducing the cost of your homeowners insurance. If you protect your property against vandalism, fire and theft, some major insurers may offer lower premiums. When you install security systems in your Westchester County or Fairfield County home, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved ones are protected and you have a lower insurance cost.
  • Monitoring without wires. Wireless security camera systems allow you to monitor your home without phones and power lines. Wireless cameras use mobile phone frequencies — plus, their batteries last anywhere from three to five years.
  • Giving you alerts in real time. Wireless security cameras can monitor service online. The slightest trigger provides notifications in real time, allowing you to take action immediately.
  • Taking advantage of interactive monitoring. You can connect a wireless security camera to a mobile phone or tablet to enjoy self-monitoring. With this feature, you can view live video feeds from multiple camera setups in different areas of your house. Exterior security cameras will allow you to watch as your kids arrive home safely from school and help you detect potential dangers.

Uses for Your Home's Security Cameras

A home security camera system can be used for more than just security.

A professionally installed home security camera system can be utilized for much more than just home security. Whether it be keeping an eye out on your children, seeing whose knocking at your door, or checking to see if a package was delivered, cameras can be used for just about anything!


Cameras are obviously a great way to see who may have entered your private property. With high definition cameras, you can provide authorities with the information they need to help protect you.

Home Management

Whether you want to see if a repair person arrived on time or check that a babysitter is still at your house, home security cameras can help. You can also see when packages arrive and come home quickly to bring them inside.

Keeping an Eye on the Ones You Love

It can be a lot to manage all the things you have going on while making sure your grandchildren, children, or pets are safe. With a professionally installed home security camera system, you can open your smartphone and watch them from anywhere.

Night Vision

Many of our clients want to make sure they can see what's going on around their home once it gets dark. All of the security cameras Knight Security Systems install have IR Capability.

Review Footage Effortlessly

We get it! No one wants to spend all day reviewing footage. We make it easy through the motion indicators or blue blips on the bottom of the video. Using the indicators, you can easily see a whole day's worth of video footage in just a few minutes.

High-Definition Security Cameras Allow Easy-to-Zoom Capabilities

The best part of high-definition cameras is that they cover a lot of area with just one camera. Use the zoom feature by pinching your finger and take a look at areas as far as 300 feet away.

What Could Happen Without a Security Camera?

Without a security camera, any act of vandalism could occur. Vandalism refers to damage done to your home or possessions by someone else without your permission.

Common acts of vandalism include:

  • Toilet papering trees or egging houses.
  • Breaking windows.
  • Smashing mailboxes.
  • Spray-painting graffiti on a home.
  • Ruining trees, shrubs or lawns.
  • Tampering with plumbing or electricity.

While investing in a security camera system is entirely up to you, it offers many benefits for quality home protection. A home security system can work both as a recovery tool and deterrent. Burglars are typically suspicious of homes with visible security cameras. Plus, a home security system can help gather evidence for police authorities if an act of vandalism does happen.

Security Camera Installation Company in Westchester, New York

As a leading licensed, family-owned security system company located in Westchester County, NY, Knight Security Systems has provided homeowners with security cameras in the following New York and Connecticut counties for over 60 years:

We offer subscription services and ongoing maintenance opportunities, protecting and easing home and business owners' minds in the greater New York area. Whether you need a fire alarm or security system installed, Knight Security Systems has you covered.

Invest in Security Cameras for Your Home

As one of the leading residential security camera companies in New York, Knight Security Systems has expertise in wireless camera systemsremote home monitoringsecurity systems and fire alarm systems. Our security professionals can install security cameras on your residential or commercial property and explain your options — whether you live in New York, Connecticut or another location.

If you live in Westchester, Dutchess, Putnam, or Fairfield County, call Knight Security Systems at 914.232.0003 or contact us online to schedule a free home consultation for a professionally installed security camera system.

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