Home Security Camera Systems: What are they used for?

A home security camera system can be used for more than just security.

A professionally installed home security camera system can be utilized for much more than just home security.  Whether it be keeping an eye out on your children, seeing whose knocking at your door, or checking to see if a package was delivered, cameras can be used for just about anything!




Cameras are obviously a great way to see who may have entered your private property.  With high definition cameras, you can provide authorities with the information they need to help protect you



Home Management

Whether you are making sure the contractor arrived on time, seeing if the babysitter or housekeeper is still at your home, or simply want to see if a package arrived, home security cameras can help!





Keeping an eye out on the ones you love

It can be a lot to manage all the things you have going on while making sure your grandchildren, children, or pets are safe.  With a professionally installed home security camera system, you can open your smartphone and watch them from anywhere.



Night Vision

Many of our clients want to make sure they can see what's going on around their home once it gets dark.  All of the security cameras Knight Security Systems install have IR Capability


Review Footage Effortlessly

We get it! No one wants to spend all day reviewing footage.  By using the motion indicators (blue blips on bottom of video), you can easily review a day's worth of footage in minutes.


High definition security cameras allow easy to zoom capabilities

The best part of high definition cameras is that they cover a lot of area with just one camera.  With the zoom feature, just pinch your fingers and see areas as far as 300 feet away!





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