Easy Steps to Avoid False Alarms

So, Knight Security has installed your new alarm system and our technician has reviewed with you how to operate it. But, are you certain that everyone in your household is fully comfortable with it and knows how to properly use all of its functions? As most law enforcement professionals can tell you, many people don’t. Human error is the leading cause of false alarms.

It is imperative that everyone who may use the system knows exactly how it works in order to avoid those false alarms. If the police are at your home checking on an alarm that turns out to be erroneous, they are now not available for a situation that does need them. Imagine if you were in need of a first responder, but they were delayed because they were checking on an alarm that turned out to have been set off – for the umpteenth time – because the owner simply wasn’t taking all the correct steps in arming or disarming it.

First and foremost, come up with a code that, like your other passwords, is easy for you and any other members of your household to remember, but that won’t be obvious to anyone else. If the alarm does go off errantly, you want to be able to quickly give the password to the representative who calls you, so they don’t have to dispatch the police.

Review the alarm pad and the procedure with everyone a few times. When an alarm goes off, it can be jarring. If you have practiced and are comfortable and familiar with using the system, it won’t be as unsettling, and whoever accidentally sets it off will be calmer, and will ultimately be able to turn it off more quickly.

Make sure you secure everything – windows, doors, etc. –before you arm the system. You might want to keep a checklist near the alarm pad.

If you have motion detectors, and also have pets, make sure the system is armed appropriately to allow for their movements. Or, contain your pets to a specific area in the house. In addition, is there anything else that can create motion that might set off the alarm? For example, if you leave a fan on, is it blowing hard enough to move curtains or drapes? 

If the system has batteries, make sure to check and change them regularly to maintain them at full strength. 

Always make sure our call center has all current information including passcodes and approved users. Any time you make changes, notify us immediately. 

Finally, there are a few situations that aren’t always attributable to human error. Sometimes violent weather like strong winds or storms can set off your system. Discuss with Knight Security what steps you can take to avoid those situations. And, if you think there might be something not working properly, contact us right away.

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