5 Simple Tips To Protect Your Home From Break-ins

A burglary occurs in America every 13 seconds for an average of about $2,200. While the best solution for protecting your valuables is a security system, there are many other things you can do to protect your home and help keep away burglars!

1. Don't Broadcast New Purchases

Always make sure to completely break down cardboard boxes from televisions, computers, and other large electronic devices. Turn the boxes inside out to hide logos and brand names. Burglars have been known to drive around neighborhoods around the Holidays looking for these types of items which signify a new purchase.

2. Install Motion Sensor Lights

Motion lights are a great security measure for your home. They provide a deterrent to criminals and a visual alarm to both you and your neighbors. Motion lights can either be installed professionally by an electrician or you can purchase battery operated ones as well

3. Keep Your Yard Trimmed and Bushes Pruned

A well-manicured lawn not only provides less cover for a possible intruder, but it also broadcasts a home that is lived in and active. Lawns that are overgrown signify a vacant home to criminals.

4. Determine if Home Contractors Use Sub-Contractors

Make sure when hiring a plumber, electrician, or contractor that you ask if the company sub-contracts any work out to other individuals or companies. Make sure that you are able to meet these subcontractors and feel comfortable with them being in your home.

5. Lock Your Doors and Windows

This might seem like common sense to most but many people are very “liberal” when it comes to locking doors and windows. The majority of burglars will go through a door and an even larger percentage of burglars will look for doors or windows that are unlocked. Many break-ins are a crime of opportunity so try your best to limit this easy access into your home!

How to Keep Your Backyard Safe From Burglars

So you've learned some ways to secure your home from break-ins. While preventive actions such as locking all doors and windows and pruning your bushes help ward off burglars, there is another, foolproof way to secure your home — installing a yard security system.

Security systems for your yard consist of alarms that will protect your home from break-ins. With the help of an all-inclusive alarm system from Knight Security Systems, you can protect your family and valuables from break-ins and natural occurrences 24/7.

To help give your house and backyard the security they deserve, you can try: 

  • Adding sturdy fences.
  • Installing motion sensor lighting.
  • Securing a place to store valuable outdoor equipment.

However, before installing a full security system in your front yard, it can help to consider the following:

  • How wide of an area do you need coverage for?
  • Is it adequately lit at night?
  • Is your yard close to a high-traffic area or street that could result in false alarms?
  • Are there any apparent blind spots that may require additional security equipment to achieve appropriate levels of coverage?

Backyard Alarm Systems and Security Measures

Because backyards are usually more secluded than front yards, you may need a more specialized yard security system. Taking the time to assess the space in your backyard will help you determine what type of security system you need, as well as the quantity of each component.

Consider similar factors as you did in regards to your front yard, including:

  • Is your backyard well-lit at night?
  • Does your backyard contain any hidden areas or alcoves?
  • Will your backyard require multiple cameras, lights or other security equipment?

Yard Security System Alternatives to Consider

When it comes to protecting your home from theft and vandalism, you have options, including: 

  • Doorbell cameras.
  • Smart locks.
  • Floodlights.
  • A front gate.
  • Outdoor security cameras.
  • Yard signs.

FAQs About Security Systems for Yards

Before you decide what type of system will work best in both your front and backyard, you may have a few questions.

Am I Allowed to Have a Security Camera Outside My Home?

While yard security alarms have many benefits, it's essential to abide by residential security camera laws when installing them outside your home. Since the placement of backyard security cameras is key to their effectiveness, most homeowners install them in areas where they will capture the property's best angle. However, this placement may break residential security camera laws if it invades your neighbor's full privacy.

At Knight Security Systems, we can help you install backyard camera systems that abide by these laws while keeping your family safe.

How Do I Set Up a Security Camera and Yard Security Alarm?

Security cameras are home security solutions that can help obtain justice and deter burglars. Whether you want security systems that work on their own or cameras as part of a comprehensive yard security system for your New York home, Knight Security Systems can help. With subscription services and ongoing maintenance opportunities available, we offer:

  • Home security camera installation.
  • High-end residential security systems.
  • Personal emergency systems.
  • Home control and automation.
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) central station monitoring.
  • Residential fire alarm systems.
  • Remote services.
  • Wireless sensors for water temperature monitoring.
  • Wireless radios for reliable, uninterrupted protection.

Let Knight Security Systems Burglar-Proof Your Backyard

Knight Security Systems is the leading installer of backyard security and alarm systems across Connecticut and New York, including Westchester County, Dutchess County, Putnam County, Fairfield County and Litchfield.

As a family-owned company offering the highest quality yard security systems and safety solutions, our full-time customer service department is committed to servicing your unique security needs.

Browse our full suite of security systemsremote home monitoring systems and residential camera systems. Contact us online today to schedule a free home consultation for a professionally installed backyard security camera system.

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