5 Simple Tips To Protect Your Home From Break-ins

A burglary occurs in America every 13 seconds for an average of about $2,200.  While the best solution for protecting your valuables is a security system, there are many other things you can do to protect your home and help keep away burglars!


   1. Don't Broadcast New Purchases

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Always make sure to completely break down cardboard boxes from televisions, computers, and other large electronic devices.  Turn the boxes inside out to hide logos and brand names.  Burglars have been known to drive around neighborhoods around the Holidays looking for these types of items which signify a new purchase.


2. Install Motion Sensor Lights

Motion Light

Motion lights are a great security measure for your home.  They provide a deterrent to criminals and a visual alarm to both you and your neighbors.  Motion lights can either be installed professionally by an electrician or you can purchase battery operated ones as well


3. Keep Your Yard Trimmed and Bushes Pruned

Nice Yard

A well-manicured lawn not only provides less cover for a possible intruder, but it also broadcasts a home that is lived in and active.  Lawns that are overgrown signify a vacant home to criminals.


  4. Determine If Home Contractors Use Sub-Contractors

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Make sure when hiring a plumber, electrician, or contractor that you ask if the company sub-contracts any work out to other individuals or companies.  Make sure that you are able to meet these subcontractors and feel comfortable with them being in your home.


5. Lock your doors and windows!

Locking Door

This might seem like common sense to most but many people are very “liberal” when it comes to locking doors and windows.  The majority of burglars will go through a door and an even larger percentage of burglars will look for doors or windows that are unlocked.  Many break-ins are a crime of opportunity so try your best to limit this easy access into your home!

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